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Epiphany About a Peach



Day 6 of the Celery Test and Day 12 of our 21 Days to Vegan Challenge and I had an epiphany about a peach this morning.   I never buy peaches and have always just told myself I really don’t like them and too much trouble getting the hairy peel off.  Kevin picked out the fruits when we were shopping for Week 2 of our challenge and I really did not see what he bought.  When he brought us our fruit bowls this morning, there was something in there which looked suspiciously like a peach.  He has never bought a peach that I know of in the 30+ years we have been married, ever.  I asked (duh) is this a peach?  He said they were on the list as a suggestion and thought it would be fun to try some new fruits.  Well 🙂  So I ate my fruit bowl with the peaches and they were delicious~~~


So this got me to thinking.  How much do we miss out on life because we have some preconceived notions we won’t like, it will be too hard, it is not really us?  All of you who live in Wisconsin, don’t get mad at me about this.  I am a native SoCal girl and have only lived in CA and on Maui, HI.  When I was selling real estate, I had an assistant who came from WI and I used to tease her about it.  How dumb was that?  I did not really know anything about it,  it just wasn’t California. When I traveled to Madision, WI on business, I loved it.  I even called Kevin and told him I could live there.  Loved the lakes, the trees, the clear sky and the people were great.  Another preconception which was totally wrong not to mention, dumb.


So, I am inviting you to think of something you might really like and explore it.  When we are scheduled to go to an event or something, as the time gets closer, I find myself thinking I really don’t want to go.  I have learned to tell myself, just go, you know you will enjoy it and be glad you did.  And 99.99% of the time, that is true.

Our Day 12 dinner tonight is roasted beets :(.  Not a fan and Kevin says they taste like dirt.  I offered him an out this morning, since we can switch out a dinner with another in the same week.  So proud he said, no let’s follow the plan and the beets just came out of the oven.

What are you holding back from which you could love if you did it?

Teaching Healthy Living,



Day 1 of the “Celery Test”




I totally subscribe to the theory in everything there is a lesson and if we learn from it, we are moving ahead. Yesterday I had to admit openly to a huge disappointment where I allowed my weight to interfere with living my life the way I want and planned. Kevin and I decided last February we wanted to walk the Camino (500 miles across Spain) and chose September 2015 as our start date. We started off strong with training by doing our section hiking of the California Coastal Trail. We were building up stamina and gradually increasing the mileage we were able to walk. Started chronicling our journey on Judi’s Hike for Health and were having a blast. What I was not doing was putting as much focus on my healthy eating and not losing the weight I needed to be able to do the Camino. We were doing a long dry section in San Clemente/San Juan Capistrano and I became dehydrated and had to quit that day and was very scary. Kind of took the wind out of my sails and spooked me. Our walks tapered off, got shorter and then faded out. I created a Walking Monthly Challenge Group on Facebook to motivate myself and still was not the kick in the booty I needed. And as the saying goes, time flies…. And this weekend, 2 weeks out from when we were scheduled to leave for Paris to begin our Camino, I had to admit we were not in the shape we needed to be successful and had to cancel. I knew it was coming and just had not admitted it out loud.

Last month we attended our annual Summit (convention) with Beachbody in Nashville, TN. Ever since the first Summit back in 2007 I planned to be at my ideal weight by the next one. December 15th, 2016 will be my 10 year anniversary of being a coach with Team Beachbody and as Kevin pointed out, it is just not acceptable for me not to have reached my healthy goal weight. “Unacceptable” Today is August 16th and there are 495 days until December 16th, 2016 and have committed to a plan to take positive action toward reaching my ideal weight by that date. Counting today as Day 1 and today I am completing Week 1 of my 21 Days to Vegan Challenge and have been eating so great for the past week with 14 more days to go. Very proud of Kevin and I. He has been such a trooper doing this with me and he even ate beets for dinner last night .

There is a great book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen which illustrates what is basically the compound effect. No one action determines a long term outcome, but the same action continually repeated does. One salad won’t make you healthy and one burger won’t give you a heart attack. However that choice repeated daily over a one year period will have an impact. The author shares there is no neutral choice. Every action takes us closer to or further away from our stated goals. In Start With Why, Simon Sinek calls it the “celery test.” If you are working on your health and your shopping cart is filled with cookies and chips you don’t pass the celery test. I will be tracking my own celery test on my I Like Judi Finneran Page for the next 495 days.

And we have scheduled our Camino for Sept 2016!

Teaching Healthy Living,


That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau


that suga


I love to read and have decided to begin doing a series of book reviews to share my thoughts and opinions.  Just finished reading That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau.  I was very excited when I saw the promotion about the book and the movie since sugar seems to be so insidious to many of the foods we eat.  Also, many of my coaching clients, struggle with sugar on a daily basis.  I remember reading a very long time ago Sugar Blues which stated it was easier to kick heroin than sugar, which is pretty frightening.

After reading That Sugar Book I am in the odd position of giving it 1 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down.  Damon Gameau went on a 60 day journey to see how adding 40 teaspoons of sugar daily to his diet impacted his health.  There was a lot of great information about :

~ how the food industry works to disguise the sugar in our foods by calling it many different things

~ how to read labels to determine the actual amount of sugar

~ how sugar addiction works

~ how sugar is so bad for our health

Very good reading, all of it.  Here is a great quote from the book:

“Many of the reviews where the final review says there is no evidence that sugar is associated with metabolic disease of any kind are funded by the sugar industry.  It’s really scary to employ staff and know that money is going to go away if you find an answer different from what they (the industry want) want.  I am much happier being a struggling scientist, not knowing where the money is coming from…than a scientist receiving money from an interest who is only going to be happy with one result.”  ~ Kimber Stanhope, University of California, Davis

Where the author and I part ways is where he shares his food plan and recipes after his 60 days; what he calls his healthy food plan.  His eating plan is filled with meat, dairy, saturated fats like butter and cheese.  The recipe which pushed me over the edge was a pate using chicken livers.  Yuk.  I have added a description below of the purpose of the liver and can’t see any reason to eat liver for health reasons.

From Web MD: The liver’s main job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body. The liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. As it does so, the liver secretes bile that ends up back in the intestines. The liver also makes proteins important for blood clotting and other functions.

So again, while I agreed with the author’s information on over consumption of sugar, I feel the food he is recommending instead is not based on any scientific evidence for healthy eating.  So I would not recommend this book to others. There are lots of books out there on the unhealthy side effects of sugar which don’t include recipes I feel are the opposite of healthy.

Teaching Healthy Living,


Call Me the B+ Girl



It’s time.  For several years I have been stopping and starting writing my book and it is time to stop procrastinating.  Over the last several days, I have been putting together the outline for the book and and chapter titles.  Exciting and scary both.   Raised with very high expectations,  the search for perfection was born.  It was all or nothing at all.  Releasing my need to be perfect was huge for me in learning to not give up on myself. In the book my goal is share with others how is not about being perfect and about making the most healthy choices every day.

Does anyone have any tips on how to find things like editors, publishing versus self publishing, etc?

Teaching Healthy Living,