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Excuse #2 – I Don’t Have Time thumbnail

Ah, yes! The I don't have time excuse.  One of the most used of all.  And sadly, not true at all.  Even though I have liked and used this one a lot in the past; it is just not true.  We all have the same 24 hours.  There is no magic time capsule and no [...]

Excuse #1: It isn’t good enough… thumbnail

  Thanks to everyone who has been sending me their favorite "excuses" why they aren't as healthy as they would like.   Seems like that would be a bit of an oxymoron since we should not have a positive attachment to our excuses. One which has come up several times is "if I can't be perfect, [...]

Excuse Busting 101 – I can do it later. thumbnail

  After spending 5 days in Nashville at our annual Summit with 25,000 other like minded people, I came face to face with several big excuses holding me back both in my health and my career.  Time to bust them.  Excuse are nothing more than fantasies we create in our own minds which keep us [...]

Just Do It

Just Do It thumbnail

Guess I am known for liking the beach.  A friend sent me a message today with a photo of an amazing beach in Santorini.  Loved that she thought of me and I replied I have always wanted to go to Greece.  You know when you get asked that question, where is the place you would [...]

Lessons in Life I Have Learned From My Daughter, Rachael thumbnail

Today is my daughter Rachael's 31st birthday.  I had always wanted a daughter and Rachael's birth was a a dream come true.  As a 1st time mom and having never really been around babies, I was not as attuned to normal development as I might have been.   At 12 weeks old, Rachael got sick and [...]

There are no wagons…

There are no wagons… thumbnail

Bit of a soapbox post today and have been thinking about this a while. As a weight loss coach for almost 9 years and as someone who has had a challenge with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight most of my adult life, there are some beliefs I have developed. The one I want to [...]

John Muir Wilderness and The Minimalists thumbnail

Our 2nd hike was the Little Lakes Valley trail in the Sierras which was rated as moderate difficulty. This trail also connects to the Pacific Crest Trail a few miles away. We were with the same people and this time I had better shoes and trekking poles. The hike we choose was 2.04 miles making [...]

Cougar Crest Trail & Rosemary Split Pea Soup… thumbnail

Saturday morning and feels so domestic (and somewhat foreign) for me to wake up and head for the kitchen instead of the office :)  Tonight we have been invited to a Nutritarian Potluck and we are taking our famous Finneran Rosemary Split Pea Soup.  Got my crock pot going before the sun came up and [...]