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The Celery Test

Bathing Suit Blues

Bathing Suit Blues thumbnail

It has been almost 2 months since we attended Summit in Nashville, where I had an ah-ha moment.   I really had not wanted to attend as once again I was not at my goal weight.  I went because I love my coaches and my TEAM and I wanted to be there for them and that [...]

Changing Perspective – Earned a Gold Star thumbnail

For 21 days while on the 21 Days to Vegan Challenge Kevin and I made a pre-planned dinner every night. Then I created a menu plan for the next week and M, T, W and Th made dinners we had planned and shopped for, 25 planned dinners in a row - and lifetime record for [...]

Epiphany About a Peach

Epiphany About a Peach thumbnail

Day 6 of the Celery Test and Day 12 of our 21 Days to Vegan Challenge and I had an epiphany about a peach this morning.   I never buy peaches and have always just told myself I really don't like them and too much trouble getting the hairy peel off.  Kevin picked out the fruits [...]

Day 1 of the “Celery Test”

Day 1 of the “Celery Test” thumbnail

  I totally subscribe to the theory in everything there is a lesson and if we learn from it, we are moving ahead. Yesterday I had to admit openly to a huge disappointment where I allowed my weight to interfere with living my life the way I want and planned. Kevin and I decided last [...]