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Changing Perspective – Earned a Gold Star


For 21 days while on the 21 Days to Vegan Challenge Kevin and I made a pre-planned dinner every night. Then I created a menu plan for the next week and M, T, W and Th made dinners we had planned and shopped for, 25 planned dinners in a row – and lifetime record for me, not the kitchen, cooking girl.

Last night Best Veggie Wraps Ever was on the menu. We needed to go to the store to pick up 2 ingredients we were out of – Romaine Lettuce and avocados. Normally we go to the market in the morning and get it done. However this was a wild week and both Kevin and I put in a lot of hours and all of a sudden it was 6 pm and we were beat. And I did not want to go to the store. And we started talking about what we could pick up and bring home which was “healthy” and not have to “make” something. Even discussing it, I started to feel guilty. I work at being a “recovering perfectionist” and not having to be perfect. Each of the places we mentioned, which we used to consider healthy did not measure up to our new definition of healthy. Mentally I began beating myself up and feeling badly for not “staying on the plan.”

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Then we checked and we had everything we needed to make “Kevin’s Mexican Bean Bowl” which is a recipe Kevin created and is 100% healthy, delicious and we love it!!! It is also coming soon in Judi’s Recipe Club and better yet, Kevin offered to make it while I went and read for a while 🙂 Dinner and great, healthy, right on track and yet I was feeling a bit like a failure for not making what we had “planned” to have.


This morning, luckily, I came to my senses and instead of feeling guilty, decided we had done great. Instead of failing, I had passed a test and gave myself a gold star. The Perfectionist made way for The B+ Plan and that is great. We did not go to the store and make the “planned” meal and yet we did not revert to old habits and choose a quasi healthy meal either. We made a great choice and this morning I am proud of me.


What do you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back for instead of beating yourself up? Trust me, we don’t have to be perfect, we want to strive daily for being the best us we can be. Let’s do it today.

And P.S heading the Farmers Market this morning with shopping list in hand!!!

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