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Epiphany About a Peach


Day 6 of the Celery Test and Day 12 of our 21 Days to Vegan Challenge and I had an epiphany about a peach this morning.   I never buy peaches and have always just told myself I really don’t like them and too much trouble getting the hairy peel off.  Kevin picked out the fruits when we were shopping for Week 2 of our challenge and I really did not see what he bought.  When he brought us our fruit bowls this morning, there was something in there which looked suspiciously like a peach.  He has never bought a peach that I know of in the 30+ years we have been married, ever.  I asked (duh) is this a peach?  He said they were on the list as a suggestion and thought it would be fun to try some new fruits.  Well 🙂  So I ate my fruit bowl with the peaches and they were delicious~~~


So this got me to thinking.  How much do we miss out on life because we have some preconceived notions we won’t like, it will be too hard, it is not really us?  All of you who live in Wisconsin, don’t get mad at me about this.  I am a native SoCal girl and have only lived in CA and on Maui, HI.  When I was selling real estate, I had an assistant who came from WI and I used to tease her about it.  How dumb was that?  I did not really know anything about it,  it just wasn’t California. When I traveled to Madision, WI on business, I loved it.  I even called Kevin and told him I could live there.  Loved the lakes, the trees, the clear sky and the people were great.  Another preconception which was totally wrong not to mention, dumb.


So, I am inviting you to think of something you might really like and explore it.  When we are scheduled to go to an event or something, as the time gets closer, I find myself thinking I really don’t want to go.  I have learned to tell myself, just go, you know you will enjoy it and be glad you did.  And 99.99% of the time, that is true.

Our Day 12 dinner tonight is roasted beets :(.  Not a fan and Kevin says they taste like dirt.  I offered him an out this morning, since we can switch out a dinner with another in the same week.  So proud he said, no let’s follow the plan and the beets just came out of the oven.

What are you holding back from which you could love if you did it?

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