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Fit for Life – Book Review


Judi’s Recommendations –  Fit For Life, by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond

I was asked to share some of the influences (books, products, programs, etc) which I feel made a difference in my life. Decided to share here on my blog; one to remind me to post here more often and two so I am not posting on Facebook where lots of folks might not be interested.

I originally read this book in the early 80′s when my sister in law was using the ‘food combining’ technique they were teaching to lose weight.  Was an interesting book, but at that time I was a die hard Weight Watcher devotee.

Came up again in the mid 90′s when I was attending the annual Super Star Retreat in Palm Desert with Mike Ferry early in my real estate career.  After one of the daily sessions, we were invited to stay and listen to a nutritionist Mike had hired to improve his personal health. I was overweight and going up. In this presentation I heard about free radicals, partially hydrogenated fat and how foods can affect our health for the first time. I know, duh. I had been a SAD (Standard American Diet) girl my whole life. Although I had tried all diets and been successful and losing and even more successful at finding; I really did not think about how food affected my health, only my weight.

Ingar, the very tall, skinny, beautiful nutritionist was a proponent of food combining and recommended you got it – Fit For Life. So I bought the book again and read it with new eyes and an open mind. I do not know whether food combining makes a difference scientifically but it made sense to me and I followed the plan for a few months and lost 21 pound or so and like to many other plans fell to the wayside while I continued to lose and gain weight.

The impact this book had on me personally was that after reading about factory farmed chickens, I made a decision to not eat poultry any longer. I understand from a good friend of mine that more current versions of the book don’t even have that in there.

This decision was my first small step toward vegetarianism. My reasons were 3 fold:

1. I love animals of all sorts and was appalled by what I read.

2. Learning for the first time, the cost on our environment of using animals for food and the disappearing rain forests.

3. How food could cause me to live longer or shorter, be fat or not, blood pressure etc.

Three reasons were good for me on those days when I was feeling a little weak or shaky on one of the other ones.
And to date, I have not eaten any poultry. I know this is my decision and I don’t judge anyone else for theirs mostly ( I do worry about our rain forests and our water.) This is me sharing a little bit about what makes me – me for those who were curious…

Teaching Healthy Living,

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