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Healthy Habits: Meal Planning


Today is Day 16 on my 2nd Round of my Ultimate Reset. The question in my private Facebook Group today is: Have you become more conscious of your eating habits since doing the Ultimate Reset? Share a positive new habit with the group.

What I shared was what I learned in my 1st Round and we have done ever since.

“For me, it was learning how to meal plan for the week advance. Doesn’t take long to do and then you don’t have to think about what you are going to eat. Can do all of the correct grocery shopping, spending less money, since you know what you need and not wasting any food since you are buying only what you need. Also looking ahead you can see if there is anything you need to do in advance, like toasting pumpkin seeds, soaking cashews etc. You can be ready.”

What we do personally is on Sunday, we pull out all the recipes I have collected wanting to try and grabbing a couple of my vegan cookbooks. Then we look through them all and choose 7 dinners for the upcoming week. Dinner is the only meal we focus on since every morning for breakfast is Shakeology and every day for lunch is a huge salad. We love our salads and it always makes me smile. At one point, Kevin would never eat salad and called it Rabbit Food. If we were in a restaurant ordering dinner and came with a salad, Kevin would always give his to me. Where he turned the corner was when we got our Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper. It finely chops veggies, making it a chopped salad and for some reason he liked it better. We feel in love with chopped salads and got into the habit (important key to success, developing healthy habits) and started having every day. Have to confess, when I went to get the link for you, I saw a new chopper, Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper: Large 4-Cup Powerful Manual Hand Held Chopper, which holds 4 cups, instead of the 1.5 cups of the one we use currently and just added that one to my Amazon Cart.

So, back to meal planning. We choose our dinners for the next 7 days. Once we have decided on the recipes, I choose the order, which day we will be having what. I want to make sure we don’t have soup 3 nights in a row or similar type meals back to back. So once that is decided, I add them to my Meal Planner. When we have our meal planner filled in, I grab a notepad to do my grocery list. This is where another tool we learned doing my 1st reset, we shop only 3 days out. When I have all 3 of the recipes in front of me, I look at all of the ingredients and check to see what I have on hand and what I need. Whatever we need goes onto the shopping list. We have found over time, we have most of the staples, spices, etc. and only have to buy the fresh items, fruits, veggies and anything we are out of or sometimes a new ingredient. As a result, our grocery costs are pretty low.

What I have also become aware of is how much more expensive eating out is compared to making great, fresh food at home. When we did the reset the 1st time, this was really my 1st experience following a meal plan, shopping based on the meal plan and making at home every meal. What I also found was I actually liked cooking. Imagine that… Since the program lasts 21 Days, we got into the habit and just kept it up when we finished. So this time, doing the Ultimate Reset was much easier. We were already meal planning, already cooking most meals at home and so we just substituted the meals in the Ultimate Reset, rather than creating our own.

Meal planning is my new positive habit! What is yours?

Teaching Healthy Living,


P.S.  If you would like a copy of the Meal Planner we have created, simply email me with Meal Planner in the Subject Line and we will be sending out in just a few days.

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