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John Muir Wilderness and The Minimalists


Our 2nd hike was the Little Lakes Valley trail in the Sierras which was rated as moderate difficulty. This trail also connects to the Pacific Crest Trail a few miles away. We were with the same people and this time I had better shoes and trekking poles. The hike we choose was 2.04 miles making it 4.08 round trip.

Here is the info on the trail:
“The trailhead sits in a high Eastern Sierra meadow at about 10,000 feet altitude. Starting in Inyo National Forest, the trail enters the John Muir Wilderness as Rock Creek cuts through Little Lakes Valley. Little lakes valley hike is a beautiful day hike in the eastern sierra that takes you through scenic lakes formed by snow melt. The creek meanders through a number of high country meadows and cascades into a series of lakes–Mack, Marsh, Heart, Long Chickenfoot, and Gem–within the first few miles. The easy access to this beautiful chain of lakes make Little Lakes Valley popular for fishing, day hikes and beginning backpackers. Glaciers carved this extensive chain of lakes, both large and small. Wildflowers bloom in the high elevation framed by the spectacular 13,000-foot peaks of Bear Creek Spire, Mt. Dade, Mt. Abbot and Mt. Mills. It is a moderately strenuous hike, not due of the elevation gain, but because of being above 10000ft. The trail starts from the Mosquito flat trail head, located at the end of Rock Creek Road, about 10 miles from Hwy 395.”

We had a blast on this hike and although still not in any better shape, fared better than Cougar Creek hike. When I finished my first hike, I was proud of myself just for finishing. At the end of this hike, I decided I really enjoyed it wanted to do more. Not sure what happened but there were no more hikes until September 2013 when we began the California Coastal Trail when we completed Section 12 of the San Diego portion of the CCT. Again another big break until January of this year. I had set a goal of 25 or more miles in January and completed 8.10 miles. Not giving up, set the goal for February of 25 miles or more and of yesterday, have done 17.86 miles completed with 6 days to go (3 of those traveling.) So while it seems, we will fall a bit short of the 25 miles, we did much better! The goal for March will again be 25 or more miles.

One thing which has changed is the excitement of hiking the Camino de Santiago this fall and looking at the CCT as training for strength and endurance. A renewed motivation in attaining a healthy weight is heightened by wanting to just keep on hiking. So many trails and so little time.

While walking yesterday on Coronado Island I was listening to a great audiobook – The Minimalists. We have been in the mindset of downsizing for years in “getting rig ready.” Much of the book was about how things don’t make us happy and inspired me to step up the giving away of stuff. There was a great chapter on Health and why it’s so important to living the life you want. One of the lines I really liked said, “Practice joy in experiencing food as nourishment, rather than entertainment.’ Hearing this as I hiked made me think about the food which gives our body energy and healing which makes everything we do easier – especially hiking.

Have set a goal, starting today, with just over 6 months until the Camino De Santiago to shed 50+ pounds.   What is your big goal for this year?

Teaching Healthy Living,



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  • E.D.M. February 23, 2015, 10:35 pm

    My goal us 30 pounds and the The Araroa trail in New Zealand! Go Judi Go!!

    • Judi Finneran February 23, 2015, 11:07 pm

      Oh no, not another trail I have not heard of us. New Zealand is on our go to list!!! How long is The Araroa Trail? We got this!!!

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